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Anne Vikhrova

Hi, my name is Anne

I'm a user-centric web interface designer with skills in front-end integration and Framework-based web development. I've been interested in human experience and learning for a number of years and my studies in Anthropology, Linguistics and Computer Science have allowed me to explore those subjects just as industry and society is undergoing its digital transformation. I've chosen design as a medium because it allows me to create for people and also because it allows me to continue to learn from them as they learn and interact with new digital interfaces. I'm particularly interested in creating products that can improve users' day-to-day. Through my process I aim to enhance my understanding of product impact on users and gain insights in order to improve user experience.

I have experience in building not just interactive, but functional prototypes, and testing them with users to collect data and observations.

Check out my Skills section for more details on languages and technologies I use and my Portfolio if you'd like to take a closer look at some recent projects. More examples are on the way.


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